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We’ve been very fortunate to work with good people on a variety of projects. We’ve done our best to make sure the process has always been smooth and successful. We’re grateful that clients are happy to provide honest feedback and grease our egos. Most of them only took 2 or 3 visits from Vinnie and Guido.

Here is a sample of what people say.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shawn (and StraightEdge) on a wide variety of projects over the years. His skills in graphic design really speak for themselves
 (he has a great sense of color, balance, composition, motion…all the things you look for in good design) but it’s his experience working with agencies and clients that really sets him apart.

He understands not only the nature of deadlines, but the necessity for collaboration to achieve what the end client wants. Too many designers, I think, rail and rant about the client “not understanding art” and that’s often true, but that doesn’t change the reason that client hired us to start with.

I’ve always believed that it’s our job as marketing professionals to create something strong that first and foremost meets the client’s objectives. It’s not our job to convince them that we’re right, it’s our job to make what they asked for beautiful.

Shawn gets that, and it gets everyone to endgame faster and happier – clients most of all.

Marc Collins
President/Producing Director, Odyssey Creative

They took the time to know our product, took the time to understand our Culture. They took the time to weave our mission into every shot and onto every page. They honor our Company and our field and it shows. Every time! 

Leslie Montie
Founder & CEO, Wildtree Herbs, Inc.

Alleluia Brother step into my tent and let me tell you about the spiritual work done by StraightEdge Creative that is simply – heavenly.
StraightEdge Creative is the best graphic design company I have found. After using other companies and paying higher prices with poor results an associate point me to Shawn at StraightEdge Creative. The work was excellent. They are easy to work with and the customer service has been outstanding. They take time to ensure client needs are met and that every service meets customer expectation. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Richard Mirgon
Founding Partner, Presidential Partners

We have used StraightEdge many times in the past for Logo design, layout for flyers and brochures, catalog and POP design. Even when we contact him at the last minute Shawn pulls through to hit our deadlines. Doesn’t take a lot of explaining for him to get what we are looking for. He works the project from end to end, and takes ownership, so we don’t have to pass it along for printing or other hold ups. As a retailer, having Shawn makes my life easier.﷯

Travis Ford
Former Vice President/General Manager Billabong

Shawn Straight (StraightEdge) is so wonderful to work with!  I (and several of my colleagues) have worked with Shawn for years.  He has always been flexible and accommodating, but with a balance of setting great parameters and using his artistic abilities to help us make our product/graphics better than it would have been!

Gina Thayer
Former VP of Sales, Wildtree

I have had the great pleasure of working with Shawn on a number of projects over the years and I cannot say enough about his artistry, professionalism, and flexibility. He is a true pro and would benefit any team that he is working with!

Johnny Motoc
Freelance Stage Manager; Account Executive, SGA Production Services

Straightedge is ‘the’ source for marketing and web design needs. Between their creativity, technical skills, and honesty they are the only source I would recommend for web-based or traditional advertising, branding, and corporate production.

Christopher Haridopolos
Owner, Fulcrum Management Corp.

I hired Shawn Straight, of StraightEdge Creative, to be my graphic designer for my Wedding Ideas Publication. I had no idea what I was getting into, and I had no knowledge of the print business. He and I hit it off right away and have remained friends for over 15 years. He is exceptionally gifted in art and can do so many creative things. He is precise, punctual, and extremely reliable. No task seems too big for him. He and I have worked on a few other projects as well, and he was always my go-to artist for anything I needed when I had my business. I recommend Shawn without any hesitation. He is genuine, has an amazing family, and takes such good care of his clients. Hands down, when you need a logo, magazine, website, basically anything, give Shawn a call – you will be happy you did so.

Dena Sandy, MBA
Director of Corporate Partnerships, Junior Achievement of Central Florida®

If you need a graphic designer …! !
I strongly recommend Shawn Straight and StraightEdge Creative!
For over 15 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shawn and his team on a number of projects, from small to large. And in my opinion, he is one of the best!

Not only is he creative and fresh and imaginative, his attention to detail and meticulous efforts in producing final files for print and reproduction is superior. He meets schedules and follows through to ensure the final product is produced just the way you want it!

Dave Oslin
Owner, Oslinprint

I highly recommend StraightEdge for your Graphic needs! I have known Shawn for 15 years and he is a stand up guy, who gets the job done and keeps his word!

Jason Young
Owner, YoungQuest Fitness Center Inc..